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Here’s exactly what you’re going to get as part of your Pro Wishloop package:
  •    Wishloop Template Club (Enabling you to OPTIMIZE)
  •    Smart Targeting (Enabling you to PERSONALIZE)
  •    1-Click Split Testing (Enabling you to PRIORITIZE)
  •    Share Scheduler (Enabling you to MAXIMIZE)
And Here’s Exactly How it’s Going to 10X Your Conversion Results, Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible:
Wishloop Monthly Template Club
Stay way ahead of the game with brand new, fresh, professional designs every single month.
If you want to keep your marketing campaigns converting better than your competitors, your designs MUST always be kept bang up-to-date, fresh, current and in-style. 
We all know people only buy from professional, modern looking sites.

If your sites look like they haven’t been updated since the dawn of the internet, or even just last year, then it instantly breeds distrust in your visitors. 
Instantly adding that seed of doubt.

And you definitely don’t want that seed of doubt. 

That seed of doubt KILLS conversions.
Let’s face it, this industry moves QUICKLY!

What was current six months ago, can look majorly outdated now.

And that gives the impression to your visitors that you don’t care about your business.

And we know you do.

You NEED to keep moving with the times...

To keep up with the competition.

And get ahead.
Get 12 Brand New, Up-to-the-Minute Templates Delivered to You Every Single Month
Our team of professional designers will be CONSTANTLY adding fresh and new design templates...

Making sure that your marketing campaigns are fresh, current and totally ‘in-style’...

Coming across as professional, slick and showing your visitors you care about your business - and about them.
Wishloop Pro Template Club is Your Way of Future-Proofing All Your Marketing Against A Rapidly Changing Industry.
12 brand new high-converting popup, landing page and conversion mat templates every single month, created by our professional in-house design team - and inspired by what’s working right now.

So you’ll have a constant flow of new material to keep your marketing fresh.
Every single month you will be getting 12 brand new, stunning niche templates! 
(Worth $27 per template!) 
That’s over $281 worth of templates for you
every single month!

Whatever your niche - we’ve got you covered - so you can always stay ahead of your competition.
Better yet, if need a specific template - just put in a request, and we'll get it added to the next release!
Wishloop Pro Template Club Keeps You Way Ahead Of Your Competition.
And that’s not all.
Wishloop Pro also gives you unrestricted access to 3 more powerful tools specifically created to optimise your marketing for maximum conversions and maximum profits...
Smart Targeting
Convert Tonnes More Visitors with VIP “Personalised” Campaigns On Autopilot.
We all know the more personalised something is aimed at us as a customer, the more likely we are to take advantage of the offer.
The more the way we are being asked to engage with an offer suits us…

The much more likely we are to click yes. 
...The more likely we are to buy.

...The more likely we are to commit or sign up.
With Our Smart Targeting Technology You Can Automatically Personalise Each and Every Visitor’s Experience.
Making Each and Every Visitor Feel Like You Know Them.
...And care about them.
(Without you really having to try!)
Our Wishloop Pro Smart Targeting System enables you to:
Show different Amplify & Engage campaigns to different website visitors, to make your message much more personal…
And engage with them in a way that feels right for them.
  • Segment your audience based on browsing behaviour. So you can target each visitor with the right message, at exactly the right time.
  • Instantly segment and target audiences (returning visitors / first time visitors / particular referring sources) with different, optimised marketing messages. 
So you can:
Show a welcome message to first-time visitors.
Or, how about a special discount message to
returning visitors?
AND even show specific messages to match different ad campaigns.
All done on complete autopilot.
Everything is completely tailored to each and every visitor.
Skyrocketing your conversions - tenfold.
And with Wishloop Capture...

You can even boost your conversions by making your landing page's content dynamically adjust to match your ad campaigns.

This powerful feature is great for paid traffic campaigns, allowing you to maximise your ROI for every dollar put it
I have many page builders and optin creators, but I continuously find myself coming back to the Wishloop products.

They have become what I use almost exclusively for all my projects. The main reason for this is they just WORK. I can count on them to be reliable and easy to implement with third party integrations.

I have found that I can create almost anything I can think of using their platform. I am amazed at the number of features and the incredible degree of flexibility that using their system allows. I have found nothing else that lets me design exactly what I have in mind. They were the first platform that actually allowed me customize how the page looks on mobile independent of how it is looks on desktop.

They have continued to improve the platform and add additional features from the time when I first purchased as a Beta tester (several years ago) to the present. I highly recommend the Wishloop platform to anyone who works on online or designs for people who work on online.
Michael Onthank
Account Manager, Ace Digital Marketing
Split Testing
Easily Optimize All Your Campaigns With At-A-Glance Integrated Split Testing.
We all know the importance of split testing
(Let’s face it, we’re all Pros here). 
And we want to make this integral process as quick and easy for you as possible.

With Wishloop Pro, you can test out different copy and designs within each of your campaigns in just a few clicks.
So, whilst all your competitors are shooting in the dark - you’ll KNOW exactly which designs convert best for YOU.
On every campaign.
Enabling you to automatically priotise what to focus on.
It doesn’t get any easier to get better results than that!
Share Scheduler
Massively Expand Your Reach By Maximizing Your Exposure on Social Media.
Wishloop Pro also solves the biggest problem 
with social media marketing… 
The short lifespan of your posts.
We all know that Facebook, Twitter and other networks offer you massive instant exposure every time you post…
The problem is: your posts only get this exposure for 3 hours max, before they die off in favour of fresher content…
But With the Wishloop Pro Scheduler, You Can Schedule Your Share Links to be Automatically Re-Posted on Facebook and Twitter at Regular Intervals.
...moving your content back to the top of the pile...
& guaranteeing that every link you share is seen by 10x more people…
Best of all, you can schedule your posts right from within your browser...
So you can get this compound effect without any extra effort at all.
Share Scheduler
Plus, you can visually plan your sharing across all your brands, with our intuitive Share Content Calendars.
Manage all your sharing for each brand with drag and drop ease…
Brand Calendars
Automating your social media marketing has NEVER been easier.
Wishloop Share has been a real boon to me in terms of being able to generate quality email leads from my niche Facebook pages.  For example, I've taken one of my client's pages (based around a popular classic comedy show) from 0 to almost 300 subscribers in a couple of weeks.

All I do is share a link once every day or so to relevant content on other websites about the show.  When fans click from my timeline post to read the article, they see my Speedleads campaign loaded on these other sites asking them to join the "fan club".

My total time investment so far has been around 30 minutes - including creating the campaign!  Each new link takes about 2 minutes to find, create, and share.

I reckon there is huge monetization potential for combining Wishloop Share with social media - whether you use it to build a list or display CTAs for affiliate products, CPA offers or anything else!
Sam Frost
Account Manager, Ace Digital Marketing
And right now, you can grab it at a fraction of it’s true value...
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As a professional marketer committed to getting the best results - and the best profits...
You simply cannot afford not to go Pro.
But you CAN afford the price.
Right now you can 10x your conversions with unrestricted access to every single Pro feature right away for just:
Please Note: This one-time-offer is available exclusively to Wishloop customers for a limited time only.
Price Frozen for:
Here’s a quick reminder of the massive conversion benefits you’re going to experience when you go Pro:
  •    Always stay way ahead of the game with Wishloop Template Club .
  •    Convert tonnes more visitors with automatic VIP “Personalised” campaigns with smart targeting .
  •    Easily optimize all your campaigns with at-a-glance integrated split testing.
  •    Maximize your exposure on social media and massively expand your reach with Share scheduler
PS. Remember, if you don’t act today, you risk missing out on this upgrade offer at this current price. Don’t let that happen! Take action now.  

We’ll back you up with our iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee.
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